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You will find the best retail products for your before and after care of your Spray Tan. While you may choose not to purchase these products, the items I have are the best products to maintain the life of your tan and are all spray tan safe. Ask me about them at your appointment.

Body Lotion

Our signature body lotion will help to heal things like sun damage, scarring and stretch marks.  Dry skin is a thing of the past.  Keep your skin hydrated before, during and after your spray tan.  Safe to use on your face.  Product does not contain sunscreen.

Tan Extender

The tan extender is infused with DHA to prolong your sunless tan. The lotion applies like silk and is not tinted. This can extend your tan 2-4 days. It smells like a tropical paradise.

Erase Me Tan Remover

Sunless Tan Removal Foam with a light coconut scent. Paraben, Sulfate, Gluten and Cruelty Free. Pump the foam and apply liberally to dry skin. Wait approximately 5 minutes and use exfoliating mitt to remove your sunless tan. Results are best achieved on tanned skin that is at least 3 days old. For stubborn areas, leave the solution on longer or repeat the process.

Self Tanning Mousse & Mitt

Rapid rinse violet based premier mousse that delivers a deep and rich color that is suitable for all skin types. Easy to apply and no mess. This blend contains anti-aging ingredients which are perfect for both mature and youthful skin. This also contains slimming and toning to make your skin smoother and more youthful. Gluten and Paraben free. Includes application mitt.

Tan Builder

Our latest sunless tan builder/booster with a light natural bronzer to guide you. This has a stronger DHA and will give you that sunless tan you want at home. This fabulous lotion is extremely moisturizing and it is your own tan. One coat is light, two coats is medium and three coats will give you a dark tan. There are no bronzers to stain your clothes or sheets. It is one of the quickest drying sunless lotions available. Paraben, gluten and cruelty free. Vegan and Made in the USA.

Glow Spritz Tanning Water

The perfect tanning water for your face, neck, decollate, and hands. These areas of our spray tans fade faster than others. This 4oz bottle of spray will give you the perfect amount of DHA to pump up those areas that fade so quickly. The color will develop overnight or in 8 hours. Spritz on your face before you go to bed, wake up and rinse.

Exfoliating Mitt

The best prep is to have your skin clean before your appointment. For best results, shower with warm water to loosen skin cells. Firmly rub in a circular motion to exfoliate and resurface skin. After use, rinse mitt and air dry

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